Timothy Lewis


Chief Innovation Officer

The greatest value in the promise of this technology is the individual. Not only regarding transparent financial systems, but more so through the systems that will be developed using BFT DLT.

Individual rights and sovereignty will have a place in humanity and humanity will have its voice among the rise of the machines.

Timothy Lewis is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Ikigai Asset Management, a L/S multi-strategy crypto asset hedge fund. Prior to founding Ikigai with Travis Kling and Anthony Emtman in 2018, Timothy spent 20 years in information technology and digital security. He is a security/systems engineer, and an inventor holding multiple patents. 

Through his involvement in the cypherpunk community in the early 90's, his ownership of crypto assets predates Satoshi’s white paper on Bitcoin by a decade, beginning with eGold and eBullion. His interest in financial technology lead him to wall street during the dot-com boom and he obtained his series seven license at the age of 18. He translated his passion for financial instruments and development into an engineering career within financial institutions. Timothy’s deep technology experience has included many years leading network security and development teams at Societe Generale, Northern Trust, Oracle, and Kaiser Permanente, focusing on data architecture, security, and data expediency. He helped lead architecture and deployment on one of the largest mergers in the FX financial space, the merger between Fimat Financial and Calyon Financial into NewEdge. 

Timothy first became aware of Bitcoin in 2009 and experimented by mining on the network. He was later involved in the earliest mining of Ethereum, beginning with the first ETH testnet, Olympic. He has continued to be actively engaged in standing up new networks and, most recently, he founded one of the top 21 EOS block producers, LibertyBlock. Timothy has also actively advised Initial Coin Offerings and tokenization since 2014, serving as an investor and lead technical advisor to multiple projects and venture funds, as well as Chief Technology Officer of a publicly traded mining company.  As a subversive financial technologist, Timothy maintains longstanding relationships throughout all sectors of tech, especially with key players and developers involved in BFT DLT. At various points in his career, Timothy has held many technical certifications including CCNP, CCDP, CCVP, MCSE, MCDBA, and CCIE (written, security, R&S, and voice).

As an adventurer, Timothy is an active sailor and has spent a significant amount of time in the Hawaiian Islands.

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