EOS Town Hall - January 21, 2019

Notes Created By: LibertyBlock

Block Producer Weekly Call Notes 1/21/19


Town hall style calls will help supplement Telegram chats to increase transparency and collaborate on addressing issues affecting the EOS mainnet.

LibertyBlock wants to help lead the EOS community back into having a shared voice by organizing voluntary weekly calls with other block producers.


  1. Community Direction

  2. The Delete ECAF referendum

  3. Lost key update

  4. Decreasing NET limitsX

  5. Improvement proposals

Key Takeaways:


  1. We need people to come out and vote whether it’s direct or via proxy. Voting necessary for improvement otherwise the network won’t survive.

The Delete ECAF referendum:

  1. 47.5% of EOS is staked. Total 24.5% actually voted in last 6 months. Need 60% to vote in one direction to get proposal to pass. This isn’t sustainable.

  2. 98.7% for vs. 1.3% against

Lost Key Update:

  1. Group of 5/6 BPs working on a technical solution (Liberty Block, EosAuthority, EOSNation, EOS DACC, EOS Argentina, Genereos and liquid EOS)

  2. Meeting 1 time per week

  3. Almost completed development

  4. EOS Authority with front end.

  5. 2-3 Weeks time till completion

Decreasing NET limitsX:

  1. Issue: Netcap/block set to 1mb and target is 100kb. 6tb on-chain/year is unsustainable. Syncing new node would be impossible. BTC 10 years in is around 210GB. EOS at 160GB at 6 months in. could present serious issues syncing the chain.

  2. Team Greymass uncovered the issue. (https://greymass.com/)

  3. Status: No proposal submitted yet. Kedar is researching more this week.

  4. Kedar looking into analysis on specific days. Bart from Block.One mentioned to set at a level where congestion pricing doesn’t kick in too often. We’ll just end up with weird spiking behavior. 30-40kb being target. Max 70kb and avg block is 20kb.

Improvement Proposals:


  1. Standard for proposing improvements is sloppy. EOS needs an academic level standard on par with EIP.

  2. Need a general repo for BPs. EEPS. Good idea by EOS Canada but Block.One should have it on their repo. https://github.com/eoscanada/eeps


  1. Eos authority has site to track proposals. Now that there are referendums there are two avenues for submitting proposals.

  2. Also agrees it should be in the eos mainnet repo. Single BPs might host the code for improvements when joint efforts should be reflected on the mainnet.


Designate votes to more active members. Determine which proxy to join here:


Check Delete ECAF votes at https://eosauthority.com/polls_details?proposal=decaf_20190111&lnc=en