EOS Town Hall - March 18, 2019

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  • This week we took a hiatus from the governance debate and discussed full history solutions.

Key Takeaways

EOS Community Updates (0:20)

The cooperative voting structure was a main area of focus this week. Two initiatives were full history and backup block producer readiness.

Full History and Hyperion Overview (1:10)

In Greek mythology, Hyperion is the father of the goddess EOS and means “the one who watches from above.”

Hyperion is a two-layer solution: Hyperion History and Hyperion Analytics.

More About Hyperion (6:25)

EOS Rio is already providing History API using Hyperion at https://br.eosrio.io/v2/history. The project code and preliminary set up instructions are available at https://github.com/eosrio/Hyperion-History-API.

Is EOS at a Place Where Lawmakers Can Intervene? (22:22)

The early internet wasn’t at a place where lawmakers could intervene. Right now, there isn’t much of a discussion with lawmakers about people losing private keys and money, but that will change as the network grows.

Light History vs. Hyperion (13:36)

Hyperion takes three or four days to replay versus almost a week using Light History. Time and cost savings using Hyperion are significant, and there’s room to make it even more efficient.

Spinning Up a Full History Node in Less Than 24 Hours? (16:20)

Hyperion is still not fully optimized yet. After optimization, the next step is launching Hyperion Analytics, an advanced layer on Hyperion History API to offer detailed EOS statistics.

Find out more here: https://eosrio.io/hyperion/.

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