EOS Town Hall - April 8, 2019

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  • This week we took a look at EOS Hackathon finalists Chesnut and All_ebt. The teams discussed their products, hackathon experience, and views on EOS.

Key Takeaways

About Team Chesnut (1:08)

A Chestnut account empowers users to set their own security parameters, including spending limits, white/blacklisted accounts, and time-based transaction limits. It is a multi-signature account that splits the required transaction authorization signatures between the user and a smart contract, which either approves or denies the request, based on predetermined user preferences.

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EOS Issues that Need Addressing (9:45)

More community auditing and helping each other build out smart contracts would be helpful. Newer teams without connections and relationships will face challenges.

EOS.VC Experiences (11:50)

Telegram is an incredibly valuable tool for getting responses from high-ranking members. Another benefit is that the bear market creates more of a community around builders.

All_ebt Background (16:22)

All_ebt is a smart wallet for food stamps. Over 54 million Americans receiving SNAP (food stamp) benefits each year are excluded from e-commerce entirely. All_ebt is serving underbanked and low-income communities through their virtual ebt card.

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All_ebt’s Current Status (27:36)

The first iteration of the product moves money from a physical ebt card into a virtual Stripe card. All_ebt is laser-focused on user growth. They’re working on a pilot program with Instacart and feedingamerica.org to help feed people on food stamps.

Ethernom (31:03)

Ethernom created the world’s lowest power Biometric Smart Card on the market. The second version of the card will allow off-chain transactions, a compelling feature for unbanked people in developing economies.

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Next Week’s Call

To be determined. Stay tuned for an announcement in the EOS Town Hall Telegram!


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