EOS Town Hall - May 13, 2019

Notes Created By: LibertyBlock


  • This week, Yves, Tim, and Kedar discussed eos.saving burn as well as proposals to reduce the 4% inflation rate.

Key Takeaways

Burn Update (2:02)

EOS Nation’s proposal to burn 34 million EOS tokens was executed May 8th, 2019. Burning accumulated EOS in eos.saving was covered in the earliest Town Hall meetings.

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Reducing Inflation (5:39)

The next discussion is whether or not to reduce inflation rates. Does the community believe we should reduce inflation rates even though the burn proposal passed recently? Meet.One’s proposal to lower inflation to 1% has almost 100% approval with over 25 million EOS voted.

Next Week’s Call

To be determined. Stay tuned for an announcement in the EOS Town Hall Telegram!


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