EOS Town Hall - April 22, 2019

Notes Created By: LibertyBlock


Key Takeaways

David's Lost Key Situation (1:23)

Key lessons in this segment: Early adopters had issues with hacks, faulty key generators, and occasionally copying down the wrong private key.

Lost Key Recovery Updates and Set Up (5:41)

EOS Authority helped organize eosDAC, EOS Authority, and LibertyBlock to code smart contracts. Work began around New Years, and test cases were successfully conducted on Jungle. EOS Authority will present the system to top BPs on Wednesday, April 24th

Timeline for Lost Key Update Solution (13:25)

You can use this link to see if your account is eligible for recovery. The solution will be available over the next year with a 30-day delay before swapping keys.

EOS New York's Token Proposal (14:53)

Despite being on a blockchain, many dApps aren’t as decentralized as developers think. EOS New York proposes an opt-in method for developers to abstract away control of more mature token contracts.

Token Proposal Benefits (24:24)

Benefits include not needing to maintain the token contract as well as substantial savings for airdrops. Also, the cleos transfer command only works on eosio.token contract. If developers could get their token on the eosio.token contract any site that supports EOS would also support the token.

Next Week’s Call

To be determined. Stay tuned for an announcement in the EOS Town Hall Telegram!


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