EOS Town Hall - April 29, 2019

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Key Takeaways

High-level Overview of Dan’s Price-pegged Token Algorithm (1:53)

The basis of the algorithm is an over-collateralized short position combined with the Bancor algorithm to provide liquidity to both long and short positions.

Prediqt’s Status (5:56)

Prediqt’s whitepaper was released last week. The back-end is complete, and the front-end is almost ready to go. A primary release is anticipated for June. Prediqt’s initial market could be based around a Game of Thrones finale or potential announcements for B1June.

Differences between Prediqt and Augur (8:06)

The main issue with Augur is that 60-70% of markets are scams. Markets are very close to legitimate but contain wording that makes the market invalid. Rather than a fully decentralized consensus method, Prediqt markets are resolved using trusted community members that have their reputation on the line, preventing markets from being resolved improperly.

Updates in the EOS Ecosystem (15:44)

People have become way too comfortable holding tokens on exchanges. REX might incentivize more people to hodl off-exchange. More hardware wallets supporting EOS and fiat on-ramps will help move the ecosystem forward.

Next Week’s Call

To be determined. Stay tuned for an announcement in the EOS Town Hall Telegram!


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