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We enable companies with products and services to deliver best-in-class Digital Asset & Blockchain experiences to their customers for a fraction of the cost of building it themselves.

Los Angeles, CA – Every hedge fund depends on proprietary technology and with the unique position Ikigai is taking to help invest both capital and expertise to create value in the DLT space, it became apparent early in 2018 that we needed to develop a software arm of the company. Byzantine is an Ikigai venture in partnership with successful serial entrepreneurs Manjunath Reddy and Clark Hogan to bring products that are clear opportunities in the DLT space to market, support Development needs of other Ikigai Venture companies, and develop proprietary internal technology for the core Ikigai investment structure. Over the last year the Company has created multiple products in the Decentralized Exchange space that we expect will generate extreme value in the coming years as more structure is developed in the market. Having created the backend structure to run an exchange on multiple protocols, Byzantine is capable of deploying white-labeled versions to companies looking to create unique value pools supporting direct wallet-to-wallet exchange. On top of this functionality, Byzantine has created a liquidity bridge (LDAR) that allows centralized and decentralized exchanges to access maker and taker orders across any member exchange that will increase liquidity for the crypto trading markets. Additionally, Byzantine is working on a licensable fraud monitoring tool for 2019 that will be able to help legitimize and protect many of the exchanges trying to offer specific value in the space without large teams to provide compliance support. Working with the LibertyBlock team, Byzantine has also developed multiple tools to support the EOS development community.

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