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Film Debt Tokenization

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EMIX will solve the problems associated with the current film finance ecosystem by creating a film finance exchange to securitize, standardize, and give liquidity to film finance and other entertainment related investments by leveraging the power of Blockchain Technology

Hollywood, CA – Being located a few miles from the primary entertainment hub in the world, Ikigai has formed many connections and relationships that have presented opportunity to help shepherd the benefits of crypto assets into the film industry. One of the primary needs we have become aware of in the industry is an alternative means of financing production. The process of financing a movie is long and drawn out, and, in many cases, limited to very few investors. Movies are long shelf life assets often generating revenue years after the initial releases through merchandising, licensing and viewership, but they also take a lot of upfront capital to generate a product. Tokenization of equity or debt allows for crowdsourced access to the high return potential provided by the industry and offers filmmakers access to a larger pool of capital to finance films. Ikigai has partnered with Shashank Sripada, an experienced investment professional and entrepreneur, to create the Entertainment Media Industry Exchange (EMIX). In conjunction with Dan Adler and Ken Hertz, industry veteran partners, the team is working toward a 2019 launch to bring tokenized debt offering to the film industry. Using white-labeled exchange technology designed by Ikigai’s software venture, Byzantine, EMIX is creating an access portal for worldwide investors to trade film rights through customizable tokens that film producers can offer through our partnership with Securrency. We are looking forward to providing more information on EMIX this year as we complete initial seed funding and launch the exchange.

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We have a partnership agreement in place with SeriesOne to use their ATS license that they anticipate receiving in Q2 2019. This allows us to list EMIX client’s tokens on the exchange and offer compliant trading services. EMIX will work to obtain our own ATS license by Q4 2019. 

EMIX will be initially deployed on Stellar network, but will be chain agnostic to allow different participants to maximize their marketing, fundraising, and deployment potential. Securrency delivers financial technology products for the tokenized issuance and trading of securities.


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