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LibertyBlock is an EOS Block Producer Focused on delivering security and technical expertise to the ecosystem.

Toronto, Canada – As one of Ikigai’s first internal ventures, LibertyBlock serves as a shining example of our team’s ingenuity and market understanding. Prior to the launch of the EOS network, Timothy Lewis became aware of the opportunity to launch a founding Block Producer to help operate the protocol layer of the fastest DLT network to date. Through a bootstrapped team created in partnership with Everipedia (IQ), we created a secure redundant producer node based in Canada that has served as one of the top 21 producers on the network for the majority of the year. Besides the main function of producing and validating blocks on the network, LibertyBlock has built tools and provided developer training that benefit the EOS community in conjunction with Ikigai’s blockchain software venture, Byzantine. A contract cost estimator was created to help developers determine the requirements to run their projects on the network. An airdrop tool was developed to simplify the distribution of newly minted tokens to the community for new projects. And, an API was created to simplify use of the network for developers interested in taking advantage of the speed and security of building DApps on EOS. In conjunction with the bootcamps we have run, Ikigai and LibertyBlock have served as important members in building this powerful network that shows the potential of DLT to provide transaction rates approaching the industry leader Visa, while also providing revenue as we have built out the foundational infrastructure of the Ikigai brand.

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LibertyBlock is the fusion of Everipedia and Ikigai Asset Management. Our goal is to be the most transparent, accountable, and cooperative block producer.

We believe that a worldwide technology should have worldwide representation. Our block production servers are located in Toronto, Canada. In addition, we have team members in Mexico, Puerto Rico, India, and Colombia- with offices in the United States and Canada.

We are united by the principles that gave birth to crypto and inspired by Dan Larimer’s vision in making EOS into a platform for human freedom. United in this pursuit for liberty.

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