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Carlsbad, CA – One of the greatest impediments to adoption of cryptocurrencies by the masses has been ease of access and compatibility. This has been a concern close to our hearts at Ikigai because we see the massive potential of good that a decentralized store of value offers to the world. In Ethernom, we found a team, a product, and a vision that we believe will be able to help bridge the early adopter to early majority gap for cryptographic currency usage. 

Led by veteran electronic engineers, Orang Dialameh and Hock Law, the low-profile early-stage company has built a team of 11 that developed the most advanced and secure market ready bank card on the market. The card combines the capabilities of typical bank and credit cards through the EMV chip standard capable of storing multiple card identities similar to Apple Pay or PayPal. It also serves as a crypto wallet similar to competitors such as Ledger. Both functionalities are secured through more advanced biometric fingerprint technology than the highest standard used by the most advanced phones and computers on the market. Using a scroll wheel and e-ink screen you can select the functionality to be completed with the card. Each of these features is built into the ASIC chip design minimizing power requirements and increasing security. It’s built in battery is capable of lasting 6 weeks, with even greater life coming in future generations, and is chargeable wirelessly via NFC. Funds in any supported cryptocurrency can be transferred securely directly between cards through BLT without internet connection to any wallet in conjunction with their proprietary mobile ready companion app. The card is designed to be cheaper to manufacture than any market competitor and provides greater security and functionality by far than anything else we have found in development. We cannot understate our excitement about the potential that this technology offers for the future of things like identity verification, 3FA, and currency storage. In 2019, we are looking forward to increased involvement as Ikigai helps to build out the business for market introduction.

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